Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Link Whores

  • Ray Lewis might be getting in some UFC fights. Construda
  • MLB is following the same greed patterns of the NFL with their product. Deuce of Davenport
  • Cubs OF Felix Pie twisted his testicle and check out more weird sports injuries. Fan IQThe Birdmans back in the NBA. Time to get your bird calls ready in Nawlins. The Realests
  • Kate Hudson has an amazing ass and it might cut glass. On 205th
  • Girl wants for a man to take charge in the bedroom and gives details on Craigslist. Blog of Hilarity
  • Robert Plant turned down 200 million to do a Led Zeppelin tour. Brahsome
  • General Cock Bob Knight already is being a prick and refusing to answer questions about Indiana basketball, while getting ready to be hoops analyst for ESPN. Maybe he will quit them too. Epic Carnival
  • Learn how to shoot nude pictures with a camera. Cuzoogle

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1 comment:

Dirtylaundry said...

Thank you for doing the math Re: Robert Plant. I couldn't figure out if 100 pounds was a lot or not.

Either way, if we were in Canada, that'd be a lot of dyuh, dyuh, dyuhs.

"I can play, but I don't want to." Ouch -- too soon?