Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ticket Madness for Nats Opening Day

Single game tickets went on sale for the Washington Nationals opening day in their brand new baseball stadium. According to the DCist, tickets went quickly and scalpers were fast up on Craig's List ready to flip the duckets for huge profits.

I missed out on the online Internet waiting room fun as I am a part shareholder in 2 season tickets Our seats are in left field, one section to the left of the bullpen and 4 rows up on the aisle for quick beer/bathroom runs. I am just pumped for the season and to watch a decent team in a real ballpark.

Check out this sarcastic Craig's list ad, which mocks the clueless people looking for face value seats to Opening Day.

HELP ME...I need great seats to the best game of the season at face value because....

( Please check as many as you need )

I'm ....
____ A disable Vet
____ A single parent of ___ kids
____ On a fixed income
____ Returning Iraq War Vet
____ A true Nationals fan
____ Unemployed

and I'm ....
____ Going to my first professional game
____ Taking my (disable/veteran) Dad to his first game
____ Taking my (kid/poor alcoholic abusive neighbor's kid) to his first game
____ Taking my ______ who is a returning Iraq War Vet
____ Too cheap to pay what the tickets are worth

Therefore you should help fund my day out and take money out of your pocket for my benefit.

I could not possibly enjoy baseball or my first pro baseball experience during a normal game, like a Thursday against the Marlins. It MUST be the only really great game of the season.

I am a true (ONE GAME) fan, and therefore only want great tickets to the best game of the season. I will not go to see the Nationals just to see the Nationals.

I will only pay face value, because it is face value...which I believe is
___ NOT the price of an average seat to an average game
___ NOT dependent on the game
___ NOT the bonus for being a season ticket holder
___ NOT the reward for also paying face value to NINE Marlins games each year
___ NOT any different for FRONT ROW or 25th Row.

And while you're at it.....I need face value tickets for
_____ Lakers @ Wizards
_____ Cowboys @ Redskins
_____ Penguins @ Capitals
_____ LA Galaxy @ DC United

All morons can apply within

And while we're at it....the 3/29 Exhibition game came free with season ticket packages. Since you didn't pay for them....I'll take them for FREE Too.

And for those of you that won a lottery or a new car....since you didn't pay for those either...I'll take them for FREE too.

Sarcastic Craig's list ad
Nats' tickets go quickly

Mac Gs World


Kevin said...

That is awesome. I was lucky enough to buy 16 Rockies World Series tickets (to resell obviously).

On Craigslist I got so many bullshit stories. "My two boys have always dreamed of going to the World Series. I need 4 tickets, but in the lower level, because my husband has sight problems.I can afford no more than 600 total."
Never mind the fact that the face was $1000 for 4 lower seats.

Well you know what bitch, it's been my girlfriend's and I dream to take a cruise to the Mediterranean, but I can only afford $125 total. Do you see me emailing Carnival and telling them to let me take a full-paying customer's first class cabin?

Fuck no. So leave me alone!

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