Thursday, March 20, 2008

Link Whores

  • Girls Gone Wild Grease ball was about to pay Spitzer's hooker a cool mil for a video until he went into his vault and found he already had one on file. SHOCKER! Busted Coverage
  • I will admit that I watched Sex&the City and some of the earlier seasons were actually entertaining until they gave my favorite character Samantha cancer. All the bitching got old and Mr. Big was the biggest tool ever. Well, uptight Charlotte has a real life sex tape out there and man it looks like D rate porn. She needs to hit an ab buster too. Brahsome
  • Former Hawkeye WR CJ Jones was partying with some hotties during Super Bowl week and it turns out one was 17. She was modeling a Trump Vodka party and now everyone is pissed at the "Donald." Don Chavez
  • My latest post on Epic Carnival about the Florida Marlins cheerleaders, the Mermaids. Epic Carnival.
  • This Australian model would be unstoppable at the game Twister. On 205th
  • Sarah Jessica Parker was just nominated as most Un Sexy woman by Maxim and predictably, she is pissed. Blog of Hilarity
  • My cousin told me about a month ago that Des Moines Iowa had 50 inches of snow for the winter and I felt bad for him. It could be worse, you could live in Ottawa where they have 200 inches of snow so far. Cuzoogle
  • The Rumor College website Juicy Campus is getting attacked by the New Jersey AG. CO-ED Magazine
  • CBS is making Sportscrack dizzy and angry with F Bombs outburst. I do not blame him and all sporting events should be broadcast in HD. Sportscrack
  • 2/3 of Americans think GWBush is awful at his job and I can only think of 2 equivalents in sports. Lions GM Matt Millen and Knicks Coach/GM Isiah Thomas. Zeke loves to use GW's minions favorite word, "progress." The Legend of Cecilio Guante
  • Uber QB Recruit Terrell Pryor's silent auction finally ended and Ohio State boosters won with an undisclosed bid. This kid is talented but he seems like a cocky prick who could be in for a serious awakening at the college level. With that said, he will still run all over my Hawks. I guarantee it. Uncle Rico's Time Machine
  • Top 10 things to say to your boss when he sneaks behind you while you are watching the live stream on CBS. The World of Isaac
  • British babe Saskia Howard-Clarke will never drown ever with these impressive floating device. Repeat after me, "MOTORBOAT!" Hottest Girls of MySpace
  • Funny motivational posters and the Church one is great. Tasty Booze
  • March madness is back in Omaha at their sweet semi new Qwest arena. Tree's Trunk

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