Wednesday, April 09, 2008


This picture of UNC head coach Roy Williams sporting a Kansas Jayhawk sticker during KU's championship win over Memphis on Monday night created quite a buzz throughout the college sports world. Predictably, some Tarheel fans were not too happy with Roy's spontaneous outfit selection. Some commenters were downright irate.

At first glance, I thought it was a small deal and Roy was looking for a way to heal some of the wounds he inflicted on Jayhawk nation. Williams did coach at KU for 15 years with strong ties to the Lawrence community and he led UNC to a national title so Tarheel fan should get over it.

I have since changed my tune and Roy should have just left town with his team like Five Tool Tool argues. Roy states his son was in town from London and he was not flying back until Tuesday.

I understand the points of either side and honestly, I could give a rats A$ either way.

My main problem is that KU just rolled Roy's team on Saturday, he was severely out coached by Bill Self and 2 days later Roy shows up at KU's next game wearing Jayhawk gear. It just looks bad and appears to slight his current Carolina players.

If Memphis would have beat UNC in the semi finals, I could have dealt better with Roy's national title fashion statement.

Roy had to recognize the potential negative PR fall out from being televised at the game. This incident reminds me of Lebron's moronic decision to wear and flaunt a Yankees cap to a home Indians/NY playoff game last fall.

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Dirtylaundry said...

Seriously...why is this a big deal? I know Roy left KU after leading them to, oh HOW many final 4's??? I mean, Roy was there already, he wanted to watch the game. He couldn't win. What would KU nation say if he DIDN'T have that sticker on his shirt?