Friday, April 11, 2008

Link Whores

  • A Wayne Simien sighting and he is partying with some hipsters/hippies. How is Simien out basketball already when he was a 1st round pick in 05? Busted Coverage
  • The raid on the Texas compound turned up beds for teen sex. I am a big fan of Big Love so I am trying not to follow this story. Blog of Hilarity
  • Here is the complete instrumental theme song of the Masters golf tournament without interruption from Jim Nantz. Brahsome
  • Vols fans loves to pile on the Gators' love for the Mary Jane. Puff, Puff, Give, Urban. Loser With Socks
  • I thought noticing a girl's bullseye tattoo meant scoring was a sure thing but what happens when you encounter a vagina tat? I am without words or snark filled comment. Don Chavez
  • I will never hide my disdain for all things Dallas Cowboys. Too many Alvin Harper/TBuck nightmares from the Packers 90s playoff losses that I can not seem to shake. Although I will openly support their hot ass cheerleaders. On 205th
  • Hayden Panettiere is attractive but enjoy her now because it is only a matter of time before she gets super strung out in LA which is Hollywood's equivalent of the freshman 15. The World of Isaac
  • 2 dollar seats and drunk Canadians brawling? This is way more fun than paying 50 bucks to sit in the OF at the new Nats stadium, drinking 8 dollar bottles of Budweiser watching some smug K St Dbags type away on their blackberrys relentlessly throughout the game. I will admit to texting during sporting events but here is an example of mine from Monday nights game. "2nd batter, Milledge just dropped a pop up in center! I let him have it, Dudes killing me, Fn Nats baseball!" Deuce of Davenport
  • Golfers just go too far in their fashion statements. "Hey nice hat, I bet if you buy this you get a free bowl of soup! it looks good on you though" Simon on Sports