Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barry O is BALLIN!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS OVER!

Regardless of Barack Obama's opponent's classless refusal to publicly recognize his historic victory, I am still downright giddy.

Barry took on the Clinton party machine and won by out campaigning her. He won fair and square. It is an unbelievable moment and one that will be chronicled in our history books forever.

I have been a strong supporter of Obama from day 1 of his prez campaign and his initial run for the US Senate. I have never been this passionate for a presidential candidate or any pol in my life and I am political dork junkie with a college degree in this crap.

You will hear his over and over from me until he takes the White House:
Barry is Ballin!

Oh, the dream ticket is a straight up nightmare and do not buy the media speculation fueled by Hillary's campaign.

Oh, I am Fired UP, Ready To Go!

Be sure to pass this link to anyone who thinks Barry is some secret Muslim who hates America.

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