Monday, December 19, 2005

Im not a Lawyer, Im Condi Rice

did you know that Condi Rice wasn't a lawyer? Nope, she isn't. I just found out on the Meet the Press, yesterday. First time she said it, I smelt a talking point, didn't pay it much attention, 2nd time confirmed the Bush Admin Bullet Point, and the 3rd time she giggled in her Condilicious way, I started to become nausea/Angry. So Condi, you are not an attorney? and you a Sec of State?Nice, so that means you can not comment on how the President clearly violated the Constitution, Spit on the 4th Amendment,"unreasonable Search and Seizure," and trashed the Separation of Powers so much that all those World views of Bush as an imperialistic ruler just became crystallized. Its clear he didn't get a warrant or go through the proper channels.

The Supreme Court ruled that you have to have one and go through the special Court, Plain and Simple. I do not need a law degree to figure that out Condi. Plus, you were the NSA advisor, you know more than anyone the right procedures. Supreme Court ruled that you have to have a warrant by a Judge. Plain and Simple. Plus, she kept citing some magical made up Law gives them the legal right, when actually there is no such law. NONE, ZIPPO.

Instead they are now arguing that Bush did this to protect America and vague reasons to why he did it. 9/11, blah, blah, blah, same old stuff. I want answers to real questions Bush, stop dodging them. I know there are terrorists, I know there are bad people that want to kill Americans, yes I know this. Tell me WHY you were so arrogant that you thought you didn't need a warrant and give me some legal reasons to justify this? Plain and Simple, exact rationale, not Vague, emptiless, Mumbo GDummy Jumbo. "Aw Shucks, get em, Terror, smoke em out, Saddamists" Is this what our so called great democracy has come to? I already know that they GOVT can tap my phone, email, text, apartment, car, whenever they want.

Traffic cams are invasion of privacy if you ask me. If I dont cause an accident and no one is around to see me run a yellow/red light, or I go 7 mph over a speed limit? why should I give the local govt money? I saw Enemy of the State, and I know they can do whatever they want. My problem with these illegal wire taps is that at least give me the appearance that their are laws that protect me from these searches. Keep telling me that their is a God and not Aliens makes me sleep better at nite. Please Tell me that the Govt actually follows the Laws of our country that make it great. This is Big Brother run Amok, right into the sewer.

The biggest lesson I saw out of the Whole Bush vs Gore in 2000, Supreme Court case, was that when they made their decision to stop counting votes and give the presidency to Bush, no one rioted. All the people that voted for Gore and thought it was unjust, quietly accepted the decision as the Rule of our democracy. I hated the decision and it has turned out to be one of the worst decisions of the 22nd Century,(Bush will go down as the worst 2 term president ever, mark it down. ) I find tremendous irony in the fact that the Branch of Govt that gave his Bush his executive power is the same body he plainly ignored and consequently, comprised every single American's rights that he is so desperately trying to protect.

I was not proud to be an American after the feds response to Katrina and I lost all respect for Bush's leadership then and now I have mistrust of the people in charge. They went from incompetence and right into Dictatorship. Maybe this is how the Hippies Felt in the 60s about Vietnam and Nixon. Shocking Similarities, Minus a draft and add 24/7 news coverage. Costly war, with no clear strategic plan out and end game, Yep, Govt hiding things from the people but of course, its for our BENEFIT, Yep. Cronie administration, Yep. Until Tomorrow, Im officially became a conspiracy theorist, Oliver Stone, lets go do lunch, I will drive.

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