Thursday, December 15, 2005

WHAMMY! Vegas Baby!

Do these pictures tell how much the Channel 4 News team was on fire this Halloween in Vegas?
How bout these pictures then?

Unfortunately the girls of Las Vegas tend to cost money, which is really hard to differentiate from your normal free attractive women. Especially on Halloween Nite, since all girls "whore" up their costumes, ( Naughty Nurse, Bad Schoolgirl, Slutty Devil, etc.) and well, only in Vegas, are these girls actually "working" girls. They brought bad karma and would not stop buggin us after the Panic show.

I mean look at Burgundy and his crew? Does it appear that we need to negotiate any financial agreement to have girls hang out with us? Im sorry hanging out with Pimps like us should cost YOU money( My time is free, actually, cuz that's how I roll), and several of these "Agents" ruined my game that nite. I still love Las Vegas, will go back sometime soon, and score for free, Hell I might even go pick up a stripper, ya know, PAYBACK!!

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