Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mrs ANNA Claus, Shut your trap and Look Hot!

Anna Benson has finally turned the corner and has done what Kurt Warner's and Doug Christie's wives could never do, just MUZZLE your mouth and wear something skimpy. It doesnt take much to make a guy forget what stupid things you have said in the past, aka, show some skin to win, Anna. Especially when you have a body like that, WOWSERS, Makes a guy wish he had a 95 mph heater, a career 500 big league record and most importantly to hot chicks, a 22.5 million dollar contract. Im sorry, Anna, No one cares about your opinions on anything really, So Carlos Delgado is against the war and doesnt want to stand for the national anthem, who cares? Please, just SHUT UP! Just put a bikkini on and smile,OHH YES, see, I forgave you already Mrs Naughty Claus, Im not going to call you Mrs Benson either, and yes, F Santa, I want to sit on your lap, I have been a bad boy in 05, spank me please.
Smoking Hot Claus
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