Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen, Our 2006 WHITE HOUSE Press Team.

Lets see, VP shoots a man, its an accident, but for some reason, they wait 18 hours to tell the press, turn a sheriff deputy away who came to interview Dick on Sat nite, and then finally have some rancher lady release the information to a 2bit Local daily rag? I think the Muppets run a better press office than these clowns. This violates every rule of press relations. Even some Press Intern in a Freshman Congressman's office knows this, but somehow the Administration doesnt? Did anyone go to Journalism school over there? I know they have a media war room, come on now, why they coverup? a very bad one at that.

Now with the Usual "Campaign Mode Spin" from the Administration. "Well I dont know, ask the VP's office, its their decision. HUH? VP shoots a guy and White House has no comment and doesnt think its relevant? They pass the buck? Reporters want facts and reasons why you acted so shady about all the details. When I found about this intialy on Sunday afternoon, my first thought was he shot this guy on Sunday morning. I find out it was later but still no Dick, no real reports about anything. But the WH came out with their new game plan.

Blame Victim

Blame victim, yes its his fault for getting shot. You know when I clipped that jogger on the side of the road with my SUV, it was the jogger's fault for not wearing white at nite. Not mine at all, he was reckless. Reminds me of when the lesbian lady got mauled by an exotic dog in San Fran few years back, the dog owner blamed the lady for wearing a certian perfume that set the dog off. Sure, Unbelievable rationale, but wait, there is more.

More Jokes

Lets joke about it. Jeb shows up with an orange pin on his blazer, cracking one liners. GW makes a bad joke to Kofi Annan. WH Press Hack kids that about the Texas Longhorns Orange colors.

Do you think the 78 year old lawyer family finds humor in this incident? Since I wrote this, Whittington had suffered a heart attack caused by the pellets. I was going to add all these DUCK hunt jokes and have some pictures, but I mean, this guy could die. He is 78. Plus, with the secrecy surronding the shooting detials, and the lack of a public comment from Cheney himself, dont you think its a premature to be serving up one liners?

White House Strategy

Scott Mc No Kneck could be one the worst spokesperson in the modern era. I mean he is awfull, all of my friends agree, even the Republican ones. He NEVER EVER says anything substantive at all and he mumbles worse than his boss. "Its on going invesitagation, Im not going to answer hypotheticals, must ask the VP office, blah, blah, blah" But I actually have some pity for him cuz he obviously was not calling the shots here, Rove and Big Dick were. One side note, Does anyone ever think GW holds anyone accountable for anything?

"Like dude, you are fired. I know it sucks, its probably not soley your fault, but you are in charge and I have to make a decision to get rid of you for underperforming."

I would love one example where someone thinks these words actually come out of our presidents mouth.

Its like if he owned the Rangers again, he would never fire the GM or Manager if they kept finishing in last place year after year. Well, GW, your administration's performance Katrina, the War, and Plamegate is competing with the Tampa Devil Rays for the AL east Cellar. Especially your press team, they hit worse than Christin Guzman does in BP. Im not the only who sees that too. Half the country thinks you suck, only 40 percent even like that you are in charge. I could go on and on. Im sorry, the 2 fans of MacGs world, I have tuns of material in my notepad, its time to put it on my BLOG. During my Hiatus, I was monikered, "DC's best kept secret" by Bogack Attack on his blog. Well, I feel honored and now its time for me to live up to my end of the bargain. Life as a MacG,
"Fd around and got a tripple double, today was a good day"

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