Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Peter Schiff Needs a Show

Peter Schiff needs his own TV show because being right is suppose to count for something in America. (Longtime Iraq and Drug war opponents like myself would disagree with that argument.)

Unfortunately, in accountability free TV pundit land, having strong opinions matter more than if those predictions turn out to be correct. No wonder this country is screwed financially when us regular schmucks are fed this optimistic crap on a daily basis by the Corporate owned media and no one ever just levels with us.

The video will blow you away by two things: how scary spot on Schliff is in his prognosis and the smarmy, huffy reaction by the pro Bush economy bubble cheerleaders.

To recap: Wash Mutual went belly up in the largest bankruptcy in US history, the financial sector is on its way to be fully nationalized, the Dow is down 40% in 2008 with the average index around 8K and GoldMan Sachs is trading for 60 bucks a share.

Schiff is turning into an online star and You Tube still fn rocks.

HT: My Left Wing Diary

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