Monday, August 25, 2008

Picture of the Day

Check out these "bend me over" seats from the Colts brand new stadium.

The National Greed League sure knows how to treat their loyal customers. The monopoly forces season ticket holders to purchase full price preseason tickets for glorified scrimmages and they authorize building new stadiums with obstructive view seating.

The Colts declare that no fans will sit in these crappy seats. BS. Why did you even create them if you did not think you could con some sap into buying them?

My HD Direct TV NFL package looks better and better every year. On a lighter note, these type of seats could come into play by shielding the pain if the Colts ever have to roll with Jim Sorgi under center.

The National Greed League
NFL yanks down You Tube clips of the Boom King

HT: Brats&Beer/Out of Bounds Blog

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