Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cry Me A River

House Republican leader has a quote today that I wanted to highlight.

Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, was biting in his criticism of Republicans who have parted company with Bush on the war. "Wimps," he called them in closed-door comments confirmed by an aide.

So Republican Senators, who are listening to their constituents about getting the F out of Iraq, are pussies but big bad John Boehner, who cries repeatedly and repeatedly in public, is not?

Mac G is OK with showing some emotion once in awhile and I have done plenty at the end of the bottle. Those Devil Women, "F You Veronica Corningstone!"

I do not get my macho man on right after breaking down, Johnny Boy. American kids are dying in Iraq every day, while our US foreign policy is stuck in denial rewind.
The same broken policy that you, John, continue to blindly support and call people names that do not.

A September report from the General will contain the same stale quotes of, "We are making progress," or "We need more time." This will not change anything at all. It just stalls the clock out more for the Administration's political reasons. In the meantime, chaos continues and American soldiers keep DYING!

Sweet Leadership and POP goes the GOP Caucus.

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