Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smash My Pumpkin Heads

Halloween has come early in the Nation's Capitol. DC has officially gone Pumpkin CRAZY!! Check out this link. The Smashing Pumpkins are back on tour with a new album and having their CD release concert this evening at the 930 club.

The 930 club is one the best rock clubs on the east coast and holds probably 1500-2000 people. It is all GA seating. Rabid fans are offering $200 plus to buy a ticket and scalpers' hostage prices start at $350.

The entertaining part has been reading some of the offers on Craigslist. In order to limit scalpers and increase attendance of true fans, there was a 2 ticket limit and all tickets were will call. The person who's name was on the purchasing credit card has to attend and can bring one guest with them. This policy has led to unbelievable offers for their extra ticket.

Everyone wants a hot chick for a date and needs a photo for proof. Further proving my theory that life is easier for hot chicks. It might be a white male dominated society but any sexy chick can put on a short skirt and get whatever she wants. Guaranteed. Mac G puts on his usual summertime wife beater and gets JACK.

Everyone will get the other person drunk. The American Way: barter booze and the chance of sex for a concert ticket to see a a group with only 2 of the remaining members in it. How Low Will You GO?

I might just go down to the club to observe if anyone gets into a fight because they are forced to stand in line with the person who just bent them over for 250 bucks more than they paid for the ticket because their DSL connection was faster. NOW that is entertainment!

I was going to write all about Corgan and his milking of the cash cow one last time. However, I have had WAY too much Smashing Pumpkins knowledge in my brain for one day.

Pearl Jam and Nirvana blew them out of the water. Morphine and Blind Mellon were far better bands as well. Read here and here for your Smashing Pumpkins trip down memory lane.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Craiglist offers.

UPDATE: Pictures from 930 Club Show

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