Monday, April 28, 2008

F You Live Nation, May I Have Another?

If you have ever endured an economics class, you definitely remember the supply and demand charts.

Click on this picture to see first a hand example of monopolist price gouging and exploitation of demand.

This is not misprint as it was $11 for a 24 oz can of domestic brew and $12 for an import! WTF!

I enountered this sign upon entry to the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek. I was in Raleigh,NC over the weekend trip to see 2 killer Widespread Panic shows. (More on the epic performances later)

It is burdensome enough to endure outrageous concert ticket prices(200 bucks for 4 tickets) where a large portion of your expenses go to convenience fees(60 bucks) which make little sense, then the Corporate behemoth follows it up with these outrageous beer prices.

Where do I grab my ankles? I felt like the poor Hazara boy in the movie/book Kite Runner.

To be fair, for 9 bones you were able to score a 20 oz domestic draft. STEAL, I tell ya.

People will complain about gas prices until we die or people stop driving everywhere and our governments invest in more/better mass transit systems, but double digits for a beer should cause riots.

I officially want to say F the man or woman who came up with these ahole prices in a Live Nation corporate boardroom. I understand the leverage a music venue has on beer prices but Live Nation's OPEC like behavior shows little regard toward its customers. SO F U.

I am assuming Live Nation is making money off these prices by their $9-10.50 a beer profit margins and I do have a choice of not going to see my favorite band play in a sweet arena but I can still bitch about it.

I did not want to enable such a cruel business policy so I painstakingly refrained from buying any beer on Saturday night.

I retaliated in the only way a consumer can in our capitalistic society as I do have some principles whereas obviously Live Nation's reside in corporate greed over their consumer's full concert enjoyment.

I know the Corp Man does not care but F YOU, Live Nation.

I hope your stock price tanks because your overall business model is a shitty one.

Something is wrong in America when it is cheaper to do drugs than get drunk.

"Please, pass the Crack Pipe Pookie?I have a tall boy can up my ass and Live Nation's suds are too expensive to cure the pain."

PS. Do not worry about my sobriety as we snuck a flask in.
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