Friday, May 02, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack

This Star Wars video is the best summary of the past month in the Democratic Presidential Primary race. Please send it on to everyone.

Here is the best perspective that I have seen about the recent media's obsession of Rev. Wright from a journalist on TV. Paraphrasing:

There is no guilt by association. Wright has one set of views, Obama has another set of views. If the views match up, then it's fair game. But Obama's been in politics since the mid-90s.

He has a record in the State Senate in Illinois. He has a record in the US Senate. He's laid out an agenda as a presidential candidate. Where do his views match up with Jeremiah Wright's? And why as journalists are we confusing the two?

It seems to me totally unfair that this guy is getting smeared with the views of someone just because he's his former pastor.

Here is a great take about the double standard placed upon crazy black church leaders compared to nut job white ones.

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Johnny Utah said...

i agree that Obama is taking a lot of heat for Rev Wright, but you can't say it's all unjustified. If one seeks the highest elected office in the land, certainly there will be curiosity as to one's influences. Don't forgot Rev Wright married Obama, baptized his kids, and inspired the title of his book. I think Obama's misstep was claiming to be unaware of some of Wright's more incendiary sermons. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Mac G said...

Some of these questions can be raised but that is not we are seeing by the media at all.

It is pure overload and petty speculation about Barack Obama, ignoring the accomplishments of his historic campaign and the movement he has built from scratch.

These crazy right wing christian types blame gays and abortion for causing 9/11. This Hagee nut job and McCain supporter thinks all Catholics are evil.

How much coverage are they given? how many of their sermons are blasted throughout the media over and over?

I just think there is a total double standard being played upon the democrats compared to the republicans.

I thought being religious in politics was a good thing but only if you go to certain churches?

I think Wright was a dick head for seeking the public spot light after Obama defended him.

The GOP loves distraction and the complicit media falls hook, line and sinker for these trivial subjective slanders. It is all the have this election.

Even a dummy can look around and see that their policies have not really been working out for us.

what is their slogan for 08?

"More war, More tax cuts for rich, more supply side economics, keep the brown people out! Dont vote for the scary black Muslim elitist guy? Vote Senile Old White Man, 4 more years of John Fraud McBush!"

Johnny Utah said...

i agree with you wholeheartedly. media is unfair, the spin machine operates way beyond our comprehension. the christian right is so damn nuts it scares me.

Anonymous said...