Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Link Whores

  • A guide to this weekend's infield at the Kentucky derby with pictures. I have raged in the Preakness infield two times. It was a cross between Spring break with chicks getting naked and people viewing of a Nascar race. Basically, it was awesome. Don Chavez
  • KY has a new product to ignite couples with their lube. Tasty Booze
  • Peyton rips his OL a new one in this video. I love Jim Sorgi playing the role of peacemaker. Sportscrack
  • Vivid Entertainment is busting out a Jimi Hendrix sex tape. He is rocking 2 chicks at the same time. Brahsome
  • A must read top 11 list Buzz Blowhardinger's blogger blast. Epic Carnival
  • Raptors coach Sam Mitchell is still employed for now. Cuzoogle
  • Sarah Harding is giving men wood with her promotion of the new WII fitness. On 205th
  • Ask a true Redskins fan their thoughts on Adam Archuleta and an insult is sure to be hurled about. The worst part is Adam is definitely bored of blasting his sizzling model wife. Holy Taco
  • Ronaldo ended up with some tranies. I thought this only happened to white American on a Mexican spring break trip. When Keg Stands Go Wrong
  • Bloggers are signing Erin Andrews 30th Bday card. Go join in the fun and one word, motorboat. Busted Coverage
  • Remember our girl Ashley Dupree, I mean Spitzer's whore Kristen. She was trying to sue Girls Gone Wild founder for trying to sell a tape she made when she was younger. Here is the tape of her giving consent to use her on the video. She will still cash out with someone. Lucky Her. Co-Ed Magazine
  • I would love to run more outside if I could see these hottie track coed athletes. Uncoached

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