Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Night with Kenny Powers or Hugh Jackman? Hmmmm, Fire it Up Kenny!

"Lets Pump Some Iron, Bitches"

Episode 2 of Eastbound and Down still fired the A game funny heat last night on HBO and the do not delete function on my TIVO season pass is permanently entrenched. 

Kenny Powers' arrogant ego is stroked with him landing a celebrity appearance gig at a car dealership, who's owner is played by Will Ferrell.

Kenny eventually melts down again and ends up at a high school dance, rolled out on X.

Here are 2 clips from Videogum:

The car gig spurred my favorite Powers one liner of the show: "I'm back in the spotlight, right where I belong."

Kenny turns 200 bucks into 15 notes. 

Videogum has another video and a nice recap.

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crystian ram said...

show is terrible.....i laughed at the beginning of the pilot.....other than that.....