Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Michele Obama Gun Show

At last night's big speech in the US Capitol, the new first lady provided some bi partisanship flavor of her own by making Republicans swoon.

Even the Republican lawmakers went gaga. When Michelle Obama walked in, one young Republican House member turned to a colleague and mouthed, "Babe." 

I was surprisingly impressed with Michelle's guns.

America overwhelmingly loved President Obama's speech and Governor Kenneth the Page's Bobby Jindal's Republican response was universally panned.

Cajun Boy, the blogosphere expert on all things Louisiana, dissects Jindal's message. 


Anonymous said...

She may be do-able, but doesn't escape the fact that she's a cunt.

And you are on board with all the government spending that your savior is doling out?

We're all fucked in a couple of years.

Mac G said...

How is she the C word? Come on now. Yes, I would rather see us spend money on keeping people employed and investing in items that will pay off down the road here in America than throwing a trillion at Iraq or trillions more for the richest one percent and Global Corporations.

The Wall Street and Bankster crooks have ruined the US and world economy, not our new President.

gunzn'grass said...

Reagan was our Savior. Geez, everybody knows that...