Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hawkeye Blues

My beloved Iowa City/Coralville area is under record rising waters and part of the main U of Iowa campus is currently flooding right now. More rain is expected in the area tonight and this news gives me a serious case of Hawkeye blues.

Our president is in Italy while more US towns flood in several states and large members of our National Guard units, who signed up especially to help in disasters like this one, are stuck in Iraq, hoping not to be blown up by an IED or suicide bombers.

It makes absolutely zero sense intellectually, financially, or morally. (If you did not think I was going to get a blast in on the Bush administration, you must be a visitor to MGsW)

A fire burned down the Old Capitol awhile ago, a tornado ripped through the main parts of town, the awful Steve Alford era, and now the current Kirk Ferentz boondoggle. Is that not enough suffering for Hawkeye Nation?

I hope the IC community stays strong and is able to sandbag its way to safety.