Monday, February 01, 2010

Link Whores

  • With this insensitive and inflammatory rhetoric, Paul Shirley must be attempting to audition as guest host for Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. The Sporting Blog
  • Ashely from Rock of Love sheds her clothes at numerous strip clubs. Don Chavez
  • Picture Recap of the experience of attending Washington Capitols game in DC. Friends of the Program

  • NFL is showing their true greedy existence with their Who Dat copyright claims over the Saints catchy fan slogan. Funny comments by a Judge on the matter can be found at SBNation. Die hard Saints fan, Cajun Boy, has some understandably harsh words on the NFL's prickish behavior.
  • Kentucky star basketball player Patrick Patterson has a status update for all the haters leaving critical messages on his facebook page after the Wildcats loss to South Carolina. Kentucky Sports Radio
  • Bryce Harper, a teenage baseball phenom and likely number one pick in next year's draft, made his collegiate debut over the weekend. When you are a Nats fans, these are the kind of things that give you a sliver of hope. The Nats Blog
  • The beautiful Veronika London gets my approval for Thigh of the Week. Sharapova's Thigh
  • Rush Limbaugh does not want to be alive anymore. Perfect. The Onion
  • Roger Ebert's spectacular writing on the relationship with his friend and fellow legendary movie critic, Gene Siskel. Chicago Sun Times
  • Cell Phones might be hazardous to your health and if proven overwhelmingly true, my guess is Wireless Corporations would pull a plot line from Michael Clayton to cover it up. GQ
  • The Onion has reported that a major crash in California has spilled all of VH1's "sluts" along the highway. Huff Po
  • One of my favorite bands, Widespread Panic, released their 2010 Spring Tour. Widespread Panic
  • This is the kind of contest that I could get behind, pun intended. "The search for the best bottom in the world." American Apparel
  • Former Colts standout WR Marvin Harrison is living out some American Gangsta life in Philly. GQ

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