Monday, March 09, 2009

TO to the Bills

TO signing with the Bills shocked the sports world over the weekend and further proves that slimy agent Drew Rosenhaus is one of the best in the biz. He hooked TO up with a 6.5 million dollar deal and if he tears it up in 09, TO will be sure to get a bigger contract with another club.

I do not see how Trent Edwards or Dick Jauron will be able to control the dominant personality of TO. I agree TO does seem to get blamed for a team's failure when you can never question his ridiculous work ethic or will to win. Plus, he has never been in any trouble with the law in his NFL career either, which is commendable feat considering the behavior of his NFL brethren.

 TO did tear apart the Eagles and 49ers locker rooms with selfish comments and behavior. My biggest problem with TO is that he has never really took any responsibility for those hurtful actions in Philly/SF and this reason alone is why teams are sometimes better off with his distracting persona around. 

81 is already taken by Bills WR James Hardy so TO gets number one, which should help damper down his brash ego, eh?

HT: Awful Announcing

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