Friday, August 24, 2007

I heart the 90s

One of the main focuses of this blog was to highlight the pop culture of my favorite decade, the 90s! I heart the 90s will become a regular feature.

The historic disaster known as Iraq has distracted me from this endeavor. SEND OUR TROOPS HOME PLEASE! The SURGE IS NOT "WORKING," and REPEAT, WE WILL NEVER, EVER "WIN" AN OCCUPATION! All the PR Spin is not going to change anything or keep the Sunnis/Shiites from blowing each other up. This is all about protecting GBush's legacy/ego and kicking the can down the road until January 09. This is not about what is right for our country/military.

Real leadership is recognizing when you made a mistake, cut your losses and move on. Bush should stop throwing good money after bad. Bush and Cheney are like 2 compulsive gamblers at a casino, constantly going to the ATM, thinking their luck will turn on the next hand or roulette spin. This type of behavior never works out well for gamblers. Too bad with our foreign policy, the money is ours, the tax payers, and the casino chips are American lives.

Sorry for the caps and rant, I feel much better. It had to come out, just like about four of my bullets need to fire away. WINK, WINK, Miss So Bell.

Back to the 1990s. The 90s brought us cheesy dance music, great movies and TV shows(Seinfeld, Pulp Fiction, etc.), and mainstream birth of the Internet/email. The best decade EVER fueled the explosion of the Hip Hop and Alternative/Grunge scenes. No more sappy love ballads of burnt out 80s big hair bands.

Doc Martens, Capri/Zubaz pants, Super Nintendo, High Fade Haircuts, Starter Jackets, Overalls, Wearing hats with the tags still on them and the Fanny Pack. I have plenty more 90's cultural references but I need to save them for later.

The 90s slang included: "Fresh, Tight, Wicked, Who's Your Daddy, Chill Out, and
every teenage girls favorite, "Whatever." I like using, "the Shit or the Shiznit."

Got it, Mofo? I love NeoCons, NOT!

Check out these videos to get your Friday started. I gotta Bounce. Mac G.

PS. Yes, I am a dork. Happy Friday Fockers.

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