Thursday, October 23, 2008

"We All Love This Country"

I am violating my personal avoidance of pushing too much politics on Mac G's World but F it. Loyal readers of this blog know that I have been in the tank for Barry the Baller for a long, long time. Most of my friends laughed in my face all of 2007 that he had no shot at the presidency and their arguments had solid merit when Barry's poll numbers in 2007 were similar to those of the current president's approval ratings, which is rock bottom in the low 20s.

This video just gave me serious chill bumps and the inspiration Barry O ignites in tens of millions of people can never be mocked as insignificant. The haters will try but mostly out of jealously that they are not feeling the same empowerment from a national political figure. Reagan and JFK were the last 2 presidential candidates to stir these genuine feelings in their supporters.

The decision to put honesty, intelligence and pragmatic decision making back in the leadership of our Federal government will be the instrumental turning point in our nation's history. Change is coming.

I am fired up and so is the HOVA.

Blue Magic!

HT: Nah Right

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