Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Evil C Word Reappears for Gramps

McCain had a verb slip up today.

HT: Cajun Boy in the City

YIKES!! I would probably rather mess up by dropping a F bomb instead of the C word. I have yet to meet a female alive with any small toleration of its usage.

This vocab mistake brings up the old story of McCain publicly berating his wife with the C word in front of Arizona reporters. Combine this to his mocking of women's health at the last debate and no wonder women are rejecting Gramps McCain by double digits.

I have been waiting to post this video below for a looooooong time and there could be no better opportunity than now. I apologize in advance to my one woman reader out there because the C word is thrown around faster than Americans guzzling booze after looking at their October 2008 401k statements.

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