Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shonn Greene is a Beast!

Iowa Hawkeye's RB Shonn Greene's 2008 performance might have single handily saved Kirk Ferentz's job for another season and provided enough cover to mistakenly allow Ferentz to keep his inept Offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe.

This program desperately needs new blood but the AD's nick name is Gary "No Balls" Barta. ( BTW, I glossed him with this for his refusal to fire Alford when every fan wanted him gone and my grass roots effort to hire Huggie Bear aka Bob Hugging or VCU's head coach, Anthony Grant never materialized.)

It does not take much to meet the lowered expectations of Hawkeye fans, who get cheery about some crap bowl game and love to make excuses for the program's constant state of mediocrity.

Turnovers, awful coaching decisions, and shaky QB play have hindered the Hawks all fall. The team's main strength is the ability to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, which is usually a solid precursor to victor, and led them to 2 straight victories.

However, I can predict the Hawkeye Tecmo Bowl offense and vanilla defensive schemes. A Ferentz recruited WR has never played one down in the NFL during his 10 years coaching tenure and this year's crop of WRs will not be breaking this embarrassing streak. They have yet to beat a bowl caliber team in 08 and Iowa just destroyed the worst Wisky team that I have seen in years.

I am mildly satisfied with the last 2 wins but I am not chugging the Hawks kool aid like several of my buddies. At least not yet. If the Hawks upset Penn St in 2 weeks and win out their next 4 games, I will be punch drunk on Hawk love.

My cynical views on recent Hawkeye success over struggling Big Ten teams does not stop my man crush on Greene. The bruiser back has been a monster all season, rushing for at least a 100 yards in 8 straight games, and he just demolished those dirty Badgers on Saturday.

His running display is downright nasty in this highlight video. Dare I say Heisman consideration? Man, this Hawkeye aid does taste yummy!

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