Friday, January 16, 2009

Does AG Nominee Holder Got Game?

At the Senate confirmation hearing yesterday, Milwaukee Bucks owner Senator Herb Kohl asked Attorney General nominee Eric Holder about his basketball skills in a one on on game vs President-Elect Obama.

Mac G would not back down from Barry the Baller in an on the court pick up game either. My background is from the North Side of the tracks in GI. It is not Barry Farms but weapons and meth were plentiful in certain spots on the Island.

Echoing my previous Barry O basketball scouting report, force him right and make him prove that he can hit the 15 foot jumper.

Barry the Baller wants to take you left on the drive and draw a foul so you have to be aware of his strengths. If Barry was on me in a 5 on 5 game, I would elbow him a few times or box him out hard early in the game to give him a sense that I am not going to back down. He is a scrapper and you need to out work him in garbage style points. I would use head fakes to neutralize his lanky wing span advantage.

Court endurance will be determined by how many cancer sticks each of us have been pounding. Hmmm.......... This whole president transition thing seems to going rather smoothly so Barry might be laying off on the heaters. I am always stressed out with a work, relationships and blogs.

Now that Barry O is officially a DC resident, I need to pump some of my Obama Admin contacts to make this pick up game with Barry O a reality. Mac G's got some game left in the tank. Check it Barry O.

Breakdown of Barry the Baller

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