Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gimme No More

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or smoking one, I am sure most everyone has heard about Britney's latest abominable performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

I watched it on the web yesterday and it is just AWFUL.

Her dance routine is wooden/zombie like with absolutely zero energy. I feel bad for the other dancers because they seem to carry the whole performance but they are the BACKUP dancers! At the end, she just gave up trying to lip sync. TOTAL DISASTER!

Her outfit reminds me of the gross overweight tubby women that I see in tight clothes in my hood. Hey Brit, time to hit the Ab machine and treadmill or wear something a little less, what is the word, um, Provocative? or Slutty? Cover the Jelly Roll up!

Her reps are already admitting that she sucked and are blaming her performance on Britney being rattled after hearing my girl Sarah Silverman practicing a joke about her kids. Whatever.

I try not to talk much about Britney on MGsW because I find her irrelevant in current pop culture. The only newsworthiness from this ex pop superstar is the relentless tabloid coverage of her bizarre personal life. She has became a pure circus act and even KFed seems like a great parent compared to her. Shocking.

Britney is nowhere near hot anymore and quite apparently can no longer dance. Those were the only two things she was consistently good at as her singing ability always was lackluster, compared to lovely chords of Christina Aguilera.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time but now it is totally official in pop culture lexicon. PUT A FORK IN HER! She will never ever be in the same universe as Madonna and is slowly falling into the fading Debbie Gibson/Tiffany category.

Carrie from the great South Dakota Dark blog has complied all of Britney's MTV VMA performances and you can witness her tragic demise in up close Youtube form.

I have already spent WAY too many words on this washed up fat trailer trash but this kiss still gets me hawt. 3:56 for the infamous tonguing.

UPDATE: Fan is REALLY Upset and wishes people would leave Brit alone!Sorry I can not embed this video.

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