Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pix of Day:Huggie Bear is the P.I.M.P.

I was screaming for my Iowa Hawkeyes to hire Bob Huggins as their next head coach. This attire says it all and KState fans are feeling the fruits of Huggie Bear's PIMP recruiting efforts.

Of course hiring Huggie Bear would have meant that the Hawkeye athletic administration engaged in outside the box thinking. This is a laughable concept to comprehend for Iowa AD Gary "No Balls" Barta.

He reminds me of Harry "dont rock the boat" Reid's reluctance to effectively stand up to Bush on anything in the Senate.

Hell, Iowa could not fire a head basketball coach(Alford) who was hated by 75 plus percent of the state's fan base and just recently, Barta punted on forcing head coach Kirk Ferentz to make ANY football coaching staff changes from one of the worst offenses in a major BCS conference.

Legendary Hawkeye head wrestling coach Dan Gable (15 national titles in 21 years) would not put up with this losing crap. Hint, HINT.

Thanks to LOL Jocks for the picture.

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