Friday, November 30, 2007

Pack Lose to Cowgirls, Hey Refs, TAKE THAT!

Currently, my head feels as discombobulated as Bryant Gumbel's throat. Get that man some red bulls to pound during a broadcast, dude was killing me last night.

I should have picked up some light beer last night for the big game because chugging dark microbeer always leaves you extra groggy in the morning. Pick up a 12 pack of Magic Hat's "Feast of Fools" winter beer as it is quite delicious.

What a crazy, entertaining game last night and since I am nut job Cheese head, I was not too happy with the outcome. The Cowboys Offensive Line dominated the Packers leaving Romo all day to slice up Green Bay's shoty coverage and Packers played their worst defensive game all season.

Ultimately, the Cowboys made more plays than the Pack but man oh man, Green Bay was screwed on several huge game changing calls.

Al Harris picked the ball away from TO and the refs signaled Green Bay's ball, however, some dumb ass official blew the play dead and they could not overturn the call on replay. Truly a HORRIBLE call that I did not think could be topped until the 4th quarter.

The Cowboys were up 3 and threw a bomb down the field. WR and DB feet got tangled as the DB was looking back at the ball. The ref 10 feet from the play does not throw a flag as it was your typical no call but all of sudden a flag came out from 40 yards away from the incident! TheCowboys get the ball at the Packers 5 and score a crucial TD.

I am tired of these old refs in their 40s and 50s making these decisions and I think it is time to have some young blood aka, guys with better reflexes than these jokers.

Packers down 10, driving with 5 minutes left. Ryan Clark gets a horrible spot on a 3rd down run and he is clearly past the marker. This sets up a 4th down decision on the Cowboys 34 yard line I hate to invoke his name or this question, but "What would Bill Bellicheck do?"

Of course he would go for it but McCarthy decides to be a pussy and kick a FG. I understand the Packers still would need 2 scores no matter what but kicking a long FG instead of going for it on 4th and inches tells me that you are putting the onus on the defense to stop them.

However, The Packers D had not been able to do that very well all game. Plus, scoring a TD in that situation gives the team momentum and allows the possibility to hold Dallas to a FG but still be within one score.

Packers kick to cut the lead to 7. Dallas gets the ball and runs out most of the clock, kicking a FG to make the final outcome, 37-27

The Packers still could have won this game but they deserved to lose it as well. Allowing Dallas a first down on 3rd&19 from their own 5 was the biggest play of the game. Pack could not tackle Barber or cover Witten late in the game.

If the Packers can secure the second seed, they will be back in Dallas for a rematch. I am hoping number 4 will be healthy or Aaron Rodgers, "The Mullet with a Bullet," will keep up his surprising stellar play.

Check out this blog that breaks down the crappy calls against the Packers.

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gerry dorsey said...

bro, i must have sent and recieved 20 texts last night regarding how much gumble and collinsworth were stealing my will to live.

eric hebert said...

C'mon, that second interference call was totally right. It wasn't the fact that he trips up the other player, but if ya actually watched the replay, his hands are all over him before the trip. Pass interference, sorry.

What a great game though. The Boys had ALOT of pressure on Farve, even more so than on Rodgers (who looked pretty damn good for never seeing playtime!)

gerry dorsey said...

that WAS NOT pass interference (i'm an impartial observer fwiw). however i do agree in that i was impressed with both dallas' pass rush and aaron rogers' performance.

Mac G said...

Hey Eric, My main problem is that the ref right there did not call the penalty but some other jackass far from the play.

It reminds me in basketball when the lazy ref calls a foul from half court even though the ref underneath the hoop does nothing.

Packers made too many mistakes to win that game but man I was pissed last night. Woke up fully clothed on the couch at 3am. Dazed and Confused. I think Gumbell needs an 8ball.

Anonymous said...

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