Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sad Day in Skins Nation

This blog is usually full of tongue and cheek commentary with my futile attempts at humor. I rarely have serious overtones unless I am ranting about our inept government leaders.

I felt the need to honor Sean Taylor after his passing this morning from a gun shot wound. My only wish was that Taylor would have gave interviews and talked to the media more so I would have a better first hand sense of his personality.

All of those close to him describe what a cool cat he was and how much he had matured over the years. Plus, he was having the best season of his career and he appeared to be becoming a vocal leader on the Redskins team.

Taylor's past incidents with the law over 2 years ago are highly irrelevant so please ignore the media's incessant need to rehash them like they just happened or are apply to this individual tragedy. The "he had this coming" to him angle is simply deplorable.
I am not even a Skins fan either.

Taylor died performing the honorable deed of protecting his loved ones from attack. He should be admired and cherished. Whether it is a professional football player, a US soldier overseas, or a ordinary person, 24 years old is way too early for a life to end.

My heart goes out to everyone involved with Skins nation and I will pour some out this evening for number 21.

In tribute of his memory, I found some video clips of Taylor.

I would have more clips of Taylor but the NFL hates their product being promoted for free on You Tube and yanks highlight videos that fans make. I guess that I am lucky to be in the 1/3 of America that will actually get to see the Cowboys/Packers game on Thursday night by having the NFL network.

Pissing off your loyal fans/customers is an awful business model and it is probably the same one that the Big 10 network is following.

Monopolies fight, consumers lose.

UPDATE: As you can tell the NFL has already taking down 2 of the highlight videos. Nice Work: National Greed League. I was pissed when you made blogger take down my post about Bob Sanders but this has crossed over the line.

Hey NGL, football fans/aka people that line the pockets of your enterprise want to see videos of one of your star players that was tragically killed but protecting your commercial interests are more important to you.

No one is making money of watching football highlights of Sean Taylor on You Tube. Get over your greedy selves.


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gerry dorsey said...

damn shame. mr. taylor was one of my favorite nfl players to watch. and like you, i don't even give a shit about the skins.

as for the cowboys game, i would be way pissed b/c i don't have the nfl network, however living in dallas it will be shown locally.

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