Thursday, July 19, 2007

"He's Funnier Than You"

Once in college, I won 2 tickets to see Jamie Kennedy's standup in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Otherwise known as CR, Crap Rapids, Cr Stylee, the City of 5 smells or my personal nickname, "The White Trash Capitol of America." It also turns out to be the home of Stray Rod's favorite personal stripper. I had an ex-girlfriend who worked at a club in CR called "Shag Nasty's." I wish I had made that up.

Kennedy was pretty funny but most of his audience did not get his jokes, especially the one about a rap song. They went right over their heads. The worst part was some dude in the front row was BOMBED and started to yell profanities at Kennedy. "F, U! You Suck, You are not Funny!" He ended up getting the boot.

My date(No dice on the Bootie hook up!) and I were starting to get uncomfortable. Jamie fired back at the drunk and this was no "experiment." He basically called everyone in the room hicks. It got ugly quickly and he ended his set. We hung out with him and his friend at some bar afterwards.

He was trying to get in the pants of my hot date. I should have let him because I was unsuccessful! I advised him to leave Crap Rapids ASAP and head to Iowa City (IC) for some real fun/tail.

I saw him the next 2 nights trying to get into the main bar in downtown IC. I heard he even went to the "I was in Scream" card. I never liked him since and his JK Experiment show had moments of laughter.

There is enough of my 15 minutes with the star of Malibu's Most Wanted. Invigorating Stuff.

Check out this clip of JK at a Video Game Press Conference. He is not funny, mocks his audience and all in all, behaves like a total wasted Dbag. Happy Friday FOCKERS!
Stray Rod's Stripper originates from CRStyle
Malibu's Most Wanted

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