Tuesday, July 17, 2007

" I am David Vitter and I Approve of this Message"

Sorry to my 10 readers, Mac G has been on a vacation hiatus/music festival in the West Virginia Mountains. My brain needed a few days to "adjust" to DC's lower elevation. A blog post is coming about my experience in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

Talking Points Memo
has found these video ads from Mac G's World's favorite diaper lover, David Vitter's 2004 Senatorial campaign. I love how the Senator uses his kids as props to portray a family man image, even though he pays for whores to F him. My favorite line is when his wife hands him their infant son and says "Great, David, you can start by changing Jack." Priceless.

Scumbag Vitter announced that he will not resign, blamed his enemies and even had his wife publicly defend him.

At the same time the Vitters were going through counseling for David being a hooker loving crappy husband, they were shoving their family values message down the throats of Louisiana voters in his campaign. He was elected on false assumptions and it is probably time for him to resign. No way he can comeback in the US Senate from this at all and LA voters are getting a really RAW deal. Pun intended.

Too bad David is not a polygamist like the dude on Big Love. Check out Video, it is creepy. Even more creepy when you think of David being in the disposable huggies and not his young son.


Filthy Whoremonger Scum-Sucking Diaperman David Vitter Won't Resign

Vitter's Family Values Ads
Diaper Fetish

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