Monday, March 06, 2006

F Coach K

Not only has Duke gotten every call and every break for the last decade, ESPN basically broadcasts every one of their games, even when they play Sisters of the Poor. There isn't a college basketball fan alive that doesn't recognize that Dick Vitale is in love with Duke. "the DUkies, Cameron Crazies!" Hell, ESPN had 3 broadcasts going of the same game on Saturday nite, Unprecedented. Now Coach K thinks he is getting a raw deal by the media? Cuz Sheldon Williams crushes dudes but never seems to get in foul trouble? or when he does, you lose, cuz you haven't recruited any low post players at all? Who is this bias media against Duke? ESPN? That is laughable, some other Sports media? Coach K was on PTI, Live Chat on ESPN, Sportscenter, and ESPN gameday, and ABC Sunday, in less than 3 days. This was all negative air time?

Plus, for some reason, Coach K got little criticism for cowardly taking his good players off the court and putting in scrubs against FSU. Im still flabbergasted his ambivalent toward winning this game. His team is down 3, with 1.8 secs left. FSU misses 2 FTs, Duke has a chance to tie the game with a halfcourt or midcourt shot. Its very unlikely, but earlier in the season, BlueDevils Guard, Sean Dockerty nailed a running 45 footers to beat VaTech. But No Coach K says he was worried about the safety of his players after FSU premature rushed the court. Not his scrubs health, only his star players. who would you have shooting a half court shot, Reddick or some Walk on tool?

I have no problem with storming the court at all, I think its great. My problem is when Fans do it after games they should have won. Iowa's home win over Indy, West Virginia's W over Pitt are 2 recent examples of horrible storms by dumb college nerds.

So the media bought all of his Coach K's better than you logic of ordering his players off the court, and now he is crying about the media being biased. How bout the last time you won the national title in 2001, Maryland outplayed in the National Semifinal game, but for some reason, the refs wanted to foul out Lonnie Baxter on 2 HORRIBLE calls. Totally determined the outcome of the game cuz Baxter was killing the Blue Devils. I am sure there are many more calls over the years, that are just blatant. Hey Mike, stop crying about the refs, and worry about how Tyler Hansborough exposed your inside Defense and Carolina took it to you at home on Senior Nite. Better not lose in the ACC tourney, or that will be 3 in a row, or 3 in 4 or 5 games, Limping into the tourney, so you can get bounced. Ouch that hurts. Coach K, go F Yourself.

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