Friday, August 25, 2006

Ms Pac Man Got Ate by a Ghost, Thrown in CLink, AGAIN!!

This story comes as a shocker to No one. Titans CB, Adam, "Pac Man" Jones gets pinched for disorderly contact. Maybe PMan was mad at all the street cred Bengals WR Chris Henry was getting in the offseason, by his 4 arrests in like 5 months. Pman had at least 2 before even playing a snap for the Titans last season. Then had a famous Ebonic laced tirade on a Local TV Reporter, I am too lazy to find the link but I am sure its on deadspin by now.

At first glance at this story on, it sounded like Pac Man got Fd by the Cops and some drunk psycho bizzo. Having Dealt with stubborn, Ahole cops, plenty of times in my life, I always take the side of the victim. It only takes One "Barney Fife wannabe, I got picked on my whole life& didnt have date to homecoming," wannabe cop to take you to the pokey. And I am white, not a black man. Minorities get totally Fd and profiled by the Pigs. Plus, crazy, crying girls, NEVER get arrested, especially if they are hot.

On further review, sounds like, "Ms Pac Man," deserved it. Why do you give your wallet to some girl? I mean, sounds like you have an Entourage( This is based off one of his cars being involved in a drug bust last year, somebody was driving it around, slinging rock, must be part of his posse) but you cant keep your wallet in your pocket or give it to one of your bros?

Plus, its a wallet, cancel your cards and get a new ID, that is about it man, not that big of a deal. If someone stole her purse like she claims, you trusted the girl enough to give her your wallet but now you dont trust her to be telling the truth about someone stealing it? You are a dumbass then. But of course Ms. Pac Man wasnt finished, He had to get one last verbal blast, aka one last "Ghost Chomp," to the cops as he rode away in his car, instead of just playing it safe. I learned my lesson the hard way, spending a 2nd Half in the Kinnick Stadium jail, cuz I told a pig to F off under my breath, after he arrested me for underage drinking. They win, you lose, always. At least temporarily, until you pay some high priced billing leach lawyer to get the chargers dropped.

Anyway, According to Local Radio, I guess he cried on his way to the Clink, hence his new nickname: Ms. Pac Mac.

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