Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Come Get Some

on EaI apologize for the semi hiatus but responsibilities at my paying gig have not allowed me to continue my low brow attempts at humor. I can not rail too much on the man because I actually enjoy my job and I compensated well enough to support my vices.

I just hate spending my time on earth working.

What do Bob Woodward, Bill Simmons, David Broder, Black Eyed Peas, and Thomas Friedman have in common? At one time in my life I admired all these professionals immensely and even emulated their cultural contributions. Different events propelled me to lose complete respect for each and every one of them.

Before the explosion of blogs, I read Friedman's New York Times column to get insight on Foreign affairs. His endorsement and continual promotion of the disastrous Iraq invasion raised serious doubts on his so called expertise.

His mantra of "six more months will be critical in Iraq" became so tiresome and repetitive that is was astutely entered into online vocabulary lexicon by blogger Atrios as a "Friedman Unit" or (F.U.)

Like my aforementioned ex-favorites, I completely shut him out of my political consumption.

I can not lie but I immediately smirked after reading this headline today: "Thomas Friedman Gets a Pie in the Face During a Speech at Brown."

Friedman's pie assault was not due to his dangerous and incorrect assessment of invading a sovereign nation that did not attack America, which gave credibility to Dick Cheney's pro war Neo con plans but because some people do not like his views on the environment. HUH?

It is amusing to think some college students, my bad, the "Greenwash Guerrillas," actually believe a columnist with zero credibility in the progressive world has any sort of influence in US environmental policy.

I will never condone this type of classless behavior as there are much more effective ways to participate in civil protest or advocate for your social cause.

Of course I still wanted to see and pictures of the pie tossing.

Are you sure these Greenwash Pie Guerillas were Brown students and not starting Iowa QB Jake "Wild Thing" Christensen?