Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey Haters, How Does the US Flag Taste?

Team USA crushed both China and Angola but all I heard from the sports pundits was how their poor 3 point shooting would catch up with them against Greece.

I was not buying the canned argument, which ignored how three point shooting would not be as important if Team USA kept moving the ball against zone D and kept up their killer pressure defense. Of course I was correct and Team USA beat some Greece ASS. The highlights are sickness:

I have tried to avoid delving into the non patriotic psyche of American sports fans and bitter middle age journalists who actually would not be bothered if Team USA failed to bring home the gold in basketball. Some American fans openly cheer for USA to be defeated.

In the last three major International basketball contests (2002, 2004, 2006), the main fallout theme in American sports culture after USA quests for gold came up short were "good" or "those spoiled millionaire brats did not deserve it."

I do not understand the majority anti American sentiment from fans or the media when it comes to our basketball squad and nor do I want to open up the Pandora's box of my guesses for the causes of this puzzling phenomenon. For now, I will keep the focus directly on court developments.

The 02 USA team looked like crap with Baron Davis and Paul Pierce jacking up bad 3s. Coach George Karl seemed over matched for the International game and Andre Miller could not shot at all.

In 04, the roster makeup was completely off and the international refs had it out for Tim Duncan. The 2006 team only lost one game to a Greece team who could not miss from 3. Coach K did not make the correct adjustments to the Greece's pick and roll offense.

There is a different swagger to this year's Team USA squad that I have not witnessed since Sydney or Atlanta. Many of our NBA stars appear to really want to achieve the gold medal accomplishment and are embracing the International style game.

Dwayne Wade looks healthy and back to his NBA championship level play. Chris Bosh surprisingly is playing like a man possessed. Kobe and Lebron are controlling the wings in every facet of the game. Chris Paul is the best point guard in the whole entire world and Dwight Howard is a dunking/rebounding/shot blocking machine.

Next up in pool play for Team USA is the 2006 FIBA World Champs Spain. The Spaniards, who have a NBA laden roster, are also undefeated at the Olympics but struggled defeating China in OT. This team has been dogged by controversy for their racist advertisement.

The game will tip live Saturday August 16th at 10:15am EST on the USA channel.

Getcha Eggs and Coffee ready.

So those bastards at NBC already pulled a Greek TV Youtube clip of the game that I had embeded above. I located this poor quality vid of the Kobe dunk.


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