Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emotional Clemson Tigers Fan

When Iowa Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz finally takes his bloated contract, crappy play callers, and mediocre record out of Iowa City, I will be pounding celebratory shots.

I could write 2000 words to back up my reasoning but hardly anyone wants to read about the internal workings and history of the average Hawkeye football program. (Motor City Bowl, here we come!!)

Unlike my cynical view, Tommy Bowden's departure pulls at the emotional strings of this Clemson Tigers fan.

I would make fun of him but that would be just mean in his tragic time of loss. How is this fan supposed to get over not being able to miss out on the ACC championship game every season? Also, he will never be able to eat a peach or tangerine from a bowl ever again.

One the bright side, naked pictures of Tommy's daughter will be permanently on the tubes.

1 comment:

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