Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Barry & the Stump


Anonymous said...

Why don't you exploit the recent democrat scandal in Illinois? Blog about Blog?

Rhambo and Barry in trouble before inaguration? Unreal.

If it were a GOP Gov you'd be all over it. Jerkoff.

Mac G said...

Blog is a crook and I hope he goes to jail. The Prosecutor said that Obama had nothing to do with anything and called for Blog to resign. Blog called Obama 4 letter words on tape repeatedly. The guy thought he could be president but understood that he might be impeached. What a NUT!!

I understand that you play guilt by association games and want to smear Obama with the crazy governor's issues. It does suck that the fake birth certificate did not get the traction that you wanted, eh?

How is Barry in trouble? by who? The FBI said he had no involvement. Plus, it was his own ethics bill that actually sent the Governor to speed up his unethical behavior.

You are loving the Matt Drudge and lazy reporters games of "ties, links, innuendo, speculation," but of course nothing based on concrete facts.

I could spend this whole blog bashing Bush and the Republicans but my team won the last 2 elections in a rout. I do not see the need to do some grave dancing when we are so screwed right now.

In case you have not noticed, our country is melting. The Obama administration has a tall order to pick up the shattered pieces of the 8 years of failed GOP governance and leadership. 30 years of free market dogma has left the majority of Americans in ruin. Millions of people are going to lose their jobs and homes in 2009.

Just repeat after me, President Barack Hussein Obama!! Do it over and over.

Anonymous said...

do you get any of your "Facts" from sources that don't promote you totally whacked out liberal point of view?

Anonymous said...

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