Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope over Fear

I was right up front for yesterday's swearing in of our new President Barack Obama and I will detail the whole surreal experience soon as my brain is too fried right now. Five day benders on little sleep tend to rock your world.

Check out these dope newspaper covers from around the country and world.


Matt Fairchild ( said...

I hope Obama can change this piss poor economy around. My old lady got the pink slip today because of it. And to think their are douchebags like Rush Limbaugh rooting for Obama to fail. I guess his pill popping ass doesn't realize we all fail and the world to an extent if our president fails like Bush.

Anonymous said...

What a sheep. This guy is an idiot your hopes for this guy are so delusional and misguided its funny. you bet your future and the future of your country on a guy who has made it very clear he has a socialist agenda. why should anyone who doesnt pay taxes get any money from the federal government. You better hope your right about this guy he historical evidence againest him.

Anonymous said...

I FEAR Obama in the White House and HOPE it's for only 4 years.

Mac G said...

A yes, a socialist agenda, which means what exactly? Socializing all of the mistakes of Wall Street by buying up their bad debt so they can keep their profits? Socialized losses, Privatized Profits.

Keep hooking up the financial elites and corporations up with more favorable policies while the average citizen gets screwed.

America has changed for the better and new days of leadership is upon us. It kinda sucks for the haters.