Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Shocker Diploma Love for Barry O

Arizona State University, one of the top party and poon meccas in the US, ignited a controversy by not giving an honorary degree to Commencement speaker, President Barack Obama. The school otherwise known as "Always Stripping University" and once mocked on the Simpsons as a diploma factory by Ned Flanders would not give the silly token gesture to Obama because he had not accomplishment enough yet. Fair enough and Cue a hilarious Daily Show segment:

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Arizona State Snubs Obama
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Prez O took the subject head on by breaking out his classic typical mocking humor during his speech at ASU.

All Obama needed to do was flash the Sundevils trademark shocker, err, pitchfork sign. Saturday Night Live piled on ASU's petty decision with this funny "Really" skit.

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Matt Fairchild (matt@sportscrack.com) said...

I love the Ned Flanders comment about ASU. Funny shit.

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