Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Get Down with the Boogie Bernard"

Kansas City Chief Bernard Pollard shows everyone who can really dance. Emmit Smith, PUH LEAS! This cat can really boogie. I have no clue who Pollard is but I think he might have a future in adult entertainment if this football thing does not work out for him.

This clip is from HBO's Hard Knocks show, Training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs. The highlights from the first episode included:

  • QB Brody Croyle's insanely hot wife. Half Mullet haircuts and hot bells about sums up the south.
  • Head Coach Herm Edwards greeting the players of the bus to camp with a sign. HILARIOUS.
  • TE Jason Dunn pleading to have his room on the first floor of the dorm. Coach Edwards puts him on the 2nd floor because he is hurt. Dunn is pissed and tells him that he will bother him everyday.
  • LJ pimping in Manhattan wanting to practice and get PAID! He set the NFL record in carries last season so I do not blame him at all for wanting a security blanket.
  • Kyle Turley explaining why he went nuts on a Jet in his Saints days. He makes sense.
  • Teammate favorite Boomer Grigsby trying to convert from LB to FB in a sweet mohawk.
  • Priest Holmes showing up at camp, getting some love from his teammates.
  • Tony Gonzalez being a PIMP.
  • Jared Allen showing his country roots and his new found love for non-alcoholic beer.
  • Chief Coaches DL coach Time Krumrine scaring the living hell out of me. I had some high school football coach flashbacks.
Check out the newest episode, Tonight on HBO, 10pm Eastern.

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