Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where the White Bloggers At?

This evening I am headed down to the Georgetown Barnes and Noble for Will Leitch's , the Deadspin Zen master, DC book reading. I am undecided if I am going to unveil Mac G's Deep Throat identity to the fellow pasty white sports blogger dorks in attendance. If it gets me a free drink at the after "party", done and done.

Will had a live Washington Post chat today and even though he left out MGW, it is still pretty funny. I plan on supporting his nicotine and java habit by purchasing his book, "God Save the Fan." My only request is for Will's Illini loving ass to inscribe to my Iowa Hawkeye Ass this:

"To Mac G: Bruce Pearl is my hero and I offered Deon Thomas that lemon. Champaign is Iowa City's bitch. Will."

PS. I will be the white guy, attempting to grow the Sergio McClain beard just to make Will feel back in midwest. word, Mac G.

WPost Chat with Deadspin Godfather Will Leitch

(Picture Credit to Mr. Irrelevant)

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DCScrap said...

say hi for me... go hawks...