Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"What About Mac G?"

I apologize for the long hiatus and the lack of updates on my whereabouts. I wish I could say I was drunk on a beach somewhere, soaking up rays and gawking at bikinis but I was back in the Midwest for my Grandpa's burial service. He had Alzheimers so it is for the best and I just feel really bad for my Grandma because they were married 53 years.

No real funny tidbits from my trip other than my usual elitist views of the majority of Americans being fat, lazy and dressed like they only shop at Walmart. I took a stroll around this run down mall at 2pm on Friday afternoon and wondered if the double wide trailers were parked outside.

It is curious that being a Washingtonian automatically perceives me to have some special insight into why gas is currently 4 bucks too.

Everyone is bitching about gas prices but still filling up at the same rates as before. I enjoy telling others that I do not own a vehicle at all.

I figured out the other reason most Americans are ignorant about foreign or domestic affairs is that these mid size papers bury this type of news in watered down AP stories on page 7 of the front section.

I have zero insight into the Sports world other than I still think it will be a Pistons/Lakers NBA finals and the Bulls will still mess their number one pick up because their GM John Paxson runs that team like a FEMA administrator.

I heard the new Indiana Jones flick is about Aliens. huh?

The posting will return soon and Happy Tuesday after a Holiday.

word, Mac G.

I wish I would have went sailing like my good pal Bob Wiley.

Bob has a hard time waking up too.

Bob never ever leaves the Doc.

Mac Gs World


gerry dorsey said...

i was worried about you bro. frankly i was tired of looking at "straight cash homey" and "miss kentucky" every time i came to see what was up over here.

welcome back.

GMoney said...

Have you ever blown another man? Neither have I but I bet it's much less painful than George Lucas fucking up yet another good thing.

Matt Fairchild (matt@sportscrack.com) said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa.

It's good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your gramps. Hope DC is hot and muggy.
Say hi to miss so belle. Was the meth in the middle west any good?
Love ya,

Dirtylaundry said...

I for one was using your absence as an excuse to actually work and NOT blog. I can't speak for the rest of the boys in the band (RE: the other three "contributors" to my site), but I best get back on teh bus and make up some new Husker news.