Thursday, May 29, 2008

Link Whores

  • Adam Sandler appears to have another clunker movie coming out and this post reviews the top 10 Sandler cinematic girlfriends. Yep Yep
  • These sizzling pictures of WAG Cheryl Tweedy melted my whole computer station. On 205th
  • I have no idea who Regina Starr but be this link is hotter than a steamed latte. Sqwable
  • Nothing will get you more excited for the start of summer than this bikini model. Brahsome
  • I once put 20 bucks on red, hit it, then used the 40 bucks to grease the door man at the Vegas Hard Rock so he would let me in the pool. This video shows why it was worth every penny. Busted Coverage
  • The Packers NFC title game still stings but this hot Giants fan helps with the healing process. Hottest Girls of MySpace
  • Looks like some dude was gelling up for a raw dawg evening, literally. Tasty Booze
  • I think Maria Carey is complete diva trash who reminds me of chubby girls who wear too tight of clothes. I know some dudes would still hit it so here are pictures of her throwing out a first pitch in Japan. Bright Black Internet
  • Check out these naughty stripoween pictures from Always Stripping U. Don Chavez
  • Babes of Survivor tourney is down to the final two. Cuzzogle
  • If Jimmy Clausen's ND career does not turn out better than his ugly hair, he will be the poster boy of the over hyped recruit. Loser With Socks
  • Clay Aiken knocked up some fossil cougar up. Yeah, this is not a typo and I thought only Tom Cruise did weird crap to prove that he was straight. Blog of Hilarity
  • I use to watch these live CSPAN morning shows everyday when I worked as a press scrub on Capitol Hill. I had no idea Bart Simpson wannabees thought they were calling Moe's tavern. It is a must watch. Banned in Hollywood
  • Although monogamy hovers my life like NASA's Mars' toy robot, a romp with Alyssa Milano might be worth the ramifications. I said MIGHT and screw the Puritans for bringing over this horrible monogamy concept to America. Holy Taco

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