Monday, May 19, 2008

Witness a Poor Sport

The Celtics/Cavs game 7 was finally an entertaining brand of ball worth watching and it almost made up for the previous six games of U.G.L.Y. basketball. The Celts made a few more plays at the end and pulled out the series clinching W.

Paul Pierce and Lebron James battled it out with legendary performances and the Celtics role players simply outplayed the Cavs. The Celtics seemed to get more breaks and out scrapped the Cavs for loose balls.

Even though I am bitter towards Lebron as a fan because he has thrashed the Wizards the past 3 years in the playoffs, he is still a helluva baller.

He has proven to make truly inferior teammates around him better, carry a team single handily to playoff series victories, and I have never seen a wing player more powerfully explosive from the free throw line to the rim in the game of basketball ever.

I do have justifiable criticisms of Lebron's game as I think he whines too much after every call or no call, gets away with way too many charges and travels, and his lack of a reliable post game is puzzling for a man his size.

I can add one more to the list by his disrespectful quick exit after the game yesterday.

I understand Lebron is emotionally upset after his team went backwards from last year's NBA final's runner up finish. I imagine it is frustrating for Lebron to put up with an inept GM and offensively challenged head coach.

However, it is customary in the NBA for players give congratulations and condolences to one another after a series concludes. Players always honor the opposing players/coaches in playoff series victory and defeat.

I disagree with those who condone Lebron's behavior and wish other Cavs would have acted like him.

Lebron walking off the court immediately without recognizing the achievement of his opponents tough hard series victory is clearly an act of poor sportsmanship.

I scoured through photos of this year's NBA playoffs, locating pictures of players giving love to one another after a series was decided. As you can see, no player, superstar or role player, was immune to wishing each other well.

Lebron is the face of the NBA for the next decade plus and I hope he regrets not publicly giving the Celtics their due props.

The Sports Point had the video
The Money Shot's recap
Close to Nothing At All
Thanks to Getty Images and Yahoo Sports for the images.

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gerry dorsey said...

yet another reason why hockey is underrated and undervalued among pro sports. they may knock each other's teeth out for 7 games, but dammit you shake each other's hand at the end of the series.

i still like lebron though.

Mac G said...

Gerry, you are correct. I watched the Caps drop a big home game 7 to the Flyers and then every player on the Caps lined up to wish the Flyers a good series. It was quite an impressive display.

GMoney said...

I'm not sure that this is fair. He played his ass off and lost a heartbreaker in an arena filled with douchebags and sex offenders, why not get the fuck out of there?

Johnny Utah said...

a minor offense

Anonymous said...
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