Monday, May 19, 2008

Link Whores

  • There needs to be an organization similar to PETA looking out for the safety of Preakness Urinal racers. Hugging Harold Reynolds
  • Video of the urinal run and it looks wicked dangerous. Fan IQ
  • I have always been against dipping your pen in the company ink but work affairs are on the rise. The Details Blog
  • God was having a great day when he created Marissa Miller or her insane hotness makes believe in an higher being. When Kegstands Go Wrong
  • This post lists some non star major leaguers who just stay in baseball forever. I want to add Jose Guillen, Mark Grudzielanek, Darren Erstad and pitcher Darren Oliver to the list. The Legend of Cecilio Guante
  • If I could ever stay off the Fn computer, I might be able to read some books this year and here are some solid reviews of sports books. The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes
  • The preseason college football magazines are out and Mr. Vol, Jai is pretty amped. Loser With Socks
  • On the Dan Patrick show, Reggie Miller downplayed his vodka pictures that the man Don Chavez uncovered. Brahsome
  • Your welcome to 2008 moment is the ability to acquire an virtual girlfriend. Blog of Hilarity
  • Monica Leigh will get your blood pumping in the morning. Tasty Booze
  • No wonder college costs are skyrocketing because they offer classes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Angry T
  • Every time the Wizards play the Raptors I end up making some lame Strange Brew Canadian joke so I absolutely loved this picture honoring Victoria Day. Hot Babes from Canada works too. Cuzoogle
  • Maybe I will get more in the sack if I shower Miss So Belle with these Kama Sutra chocolates. Bright Black Internet
  • Hottie Petra Nemcova hates bras. On 205th
  • Scarlett Johansson is shockingly a diva like the rest of Hollywood's starlets. Holy Taco
  • Wes Welker's stock went up a little after pictures of him partying with this infamous Super Bowl Ring babe. Don Chavez

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