Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Caribbean Cheetah

UPDATE DOWN BELOW: Could the "Nuh Linga" or the "Gully Creepa" be the next dance craze in America, like the 2007 "Soulja Boy?"

Forget Michael Phelps for a quick second because the 100,200 meters gold medalist Usain Bolt is just downright nasty!

The Jamaican coasted to victory in the 100 and still ran a 9.69!! Since all of the Caribbean countries are pridefully celebrating his world record accomplishments, I have given Bolt this nickname:
The Caribbean Cheetah

Here is the video of the Caribbean Cheetah's200 beat down run in Beijing today.

Hearlded Sprinter Michael Johnson proclaimed:
Usain Bolt's 200m victory in a new world record time of 19.30 seconds was simply incredible. This guy is Superman II.
I am fresh out of superlatives to describe the victory margin images below over the best sprinters on the planet.

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UPDATE: The joyful Bolt has been breaking out a popular Jamaican homegrown dance called the "Nuh Linga" on the track for his races.

The dance moves were created by a choreographer named Overmars and the music group Elephant Man created a song "Nuh Linga" based upon them.

Overmars is exuberant about the worldwide notoriety Bolt has brought to Jamaican dancehall culture:

"It's like somebody out there is doing my ting (dance)... di fastest man in di world is doing my dance. It's so great mi caan forget that moment," Overmars said. Adding, "I think di dance buss again. Like I was in di streets last night and when Fire Links a go play di song dem intro it by talking bout Bolt."

Yes, those quotes are real and I love Jamaica, man. Here is Elephant Man's "Nuh Linga" music video.

This song and dance is growing on me.

The boogieing Caribbean Cheetah busted out another Jamaican dance song by Elephant Man called the "Gully Creepa" before and after his 200 gold medal romp.

This dance was birthed by an artist named "Ice," who was so flattered and moved by Bolt's Beijing display that he plans to create a new dance just for Bolt.

"Mi have a dance weh mi ago call di 'Usain Bolt', a one a di maddest ting...Weh dem ago do when Mr. Bolt a do it side a mi?," Ice said. "A di dance name Gully Net mi ago change and call Usian Bolt eno.

It look like di creepa a way but it have a likkle more fancy neatness to it. Yu bend down an yu hand dem a move like di creepa, yu shoulder dem a rotate, foot dem a move like di creepa wid yu leg dem a move same speed. Mi drop in all a likkle neck movement inna it to," Ice said as he gave a brief description of his new dance called the 'Usain Bolt'.
Ice was not finished throwing lyrical praise to the Caribbean Cheetah and explaining the Gully Creep:
"A gully creepa a di biggest ting, people nuh sweep a farin, a vacuum dem vacuum... yuh nuh see Ice gone gold to... mi love goes out to Mr Bolt, di man a creep pon live TV," Ice said.

These quotes are without a doubt some of the best that I have ever copied and pasted in my blogger dork career. Simply Awesome and the whole article is worth a read.

To recap Bolt's Olympic dances:
Record 100m Gold- "Nuh Linga" is performed by Elephant Man and the dance was created by Overmars.
Record 200m Gold- "Gully Creepa" is performed by Elephant Man and the dance was created by Ice.

Elephant Man
Bolt gets his own dance
Ice's dance is called the "Nuh Linga."
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