Monday, August 18, 2008

Team Domination

I loaded up my tivo then sat back wearing my USA colored shirt (made in China), pounded several dark German beers, and smoked some Spanish hashish to watch Team USA absolutely crush Spain and Germany in Olympic basketball.

I refuse to use the cheesy NBC driven "Redeem Team" slogan and I am rolling with what it should be for the sport we taught the world how to play: Team Domination.

3 games left for our American ballers to dominate and shut up the haters for good. Clippers and German center Chris Kaman is on board with my confident prognosis:

“Nobody is going to beat them. No way, it’s just not going to happen."

I still do not trust these inconsistent international refs with the 5 foul rule and all of the futball influenced flopping but Flash, Bron, DHoward, CP3, Little Flying Warrior and company are simply possessed enough to overcome anything.

The bracket of 8 medal round is set up and Team Domination opens up with the Aussies at 8am EST on Wednesday.

I refuse to drink Fosters but I will make a bunch of lame "mate" jokes during the Kangaroo ass raping.

Team Domination Crushes the Germans
Final Bracket of 8 Schedule

Props to Getty Images/Yahoo Sports for the images

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