Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I watched De Sean Jackson catch a TD bomb and smirked to myself how savvy I was to pick up this fantasy stud rookie.

He dropped the ball too early and my double pointer TD was canceled out. MOTHER F ER!! My 2 teams still steamrolled but I like running up the score.

I was racking my THC laced membrane trying to figure out when was the last time I saw a player pull this jackass move. I remember Bengals WR Housh doing it at Oregon State vs Notre Dame in a bowl game. The other occurrence might have been De Sean Jackson in the major High School All Star game.

Jackson is still nasty but dude, cross the line!


Benny Beaver said...

That was Chad Johnson, the other Bengal receiver who hails from Oregon State, that dropped the ball at the 5 on Notre Dame. The refs didn't notice that one since they were busy watching for personal fouls from Dennis Erickson's merry band of thugs.

Go Beavs!

Anonymous said...








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